Scholarship Application

Scholarships awarded by AMERC (Appalachian Ministries Educational Resource Center) are for AMERC-sponsored immersion classes only.  They are not for regular seminary classes.  Our classes are listed elsewhere on this site.

Scholarships are awarded based on the following criteria:

    1) Students from the non-host consortium seminaries.

    2) Students traveling to the class origination point.

    3) Studentís financial need.

    Scholarships with range from $250 to $500 with a maximum total award of $2,500 per class.

Students seeking a scholarship should send a one page request to the AMERC office [see below] containing the following:

    1) Name

    2) Mailing address (where the student wishes to receive the scholarship check).

    3) Denominational heritage (including the name of the congregation the student is currently attending).

    4) A brief paragraph stating possible ministry aspirations after graduation.

Note: Some scholarships originate with congregations or denominational foundations. While AMERC works to provide scholarship based on the above criteria, there are instances when a studentís denominational heritage may be a factor in scholarship awards.

Send your one-page email to