Dr. Josie Hoover
Director of Human Resources at Wesley Theological Seminary in Washington, DC. Wesley has sent the most students to AMERC immersions over the past 35 years.
Chairman of the AMERC Board, beginning 2021

Rev. Zachary Bay
Pastor of First Baptist Church, Middlesboro, KY.  Partnering with AMERC, this church offers a one-part service, one-part learning “mission trip” opportunity in eastern Kentucky for youth and adults
Secretary of the AMERC Board, beginning 2021

Rev. Dr. Isaac W. "Ike" Nicholson
Recently moved to pastor a church in Colorado Springs, Colorado.
      Treasurer of the Board of AMERC beginning 2015.

Ms. Renee Alexander
Long experience in opioid addiction.  Administrator at WESTCARE. Resident of Tennessee

Dr. Jill Y. Crainshaw
Dean and Professor of Worship and Theological Theology at Wake Forest School of Divinity, Winston-Salem, NC.